Schizophrenia Prevention and Early Psychosis Treatment

Teens and families talk about the early signs of psychosis and schizophrenia. Experts talk about how new treatment plans are preventing schizophrenia. An overview of the Main Medical Center PIER program for treatment of early psychosis treatment and schizophrenia prevention.

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  1. chaoco

    I have schizophrenia and have tried multiple drugs and am mostly allergic to anti psychotics so my response be prerogative. I currently take 1200 lithium, flexiril for neuralgia pain tardive dyskenisia and grimace facial muscle pain, metoprolol tartrate for hypertension due to inflammation or other, and ambien for sleep terror disorder. I have constant auditory and visual hallucinations with two other personalities that try to takeover my main personality for use of my day to day body and I have found that Ambien and other hypnotic sedatives work better than lithium and all other drugs I have taken, I take ten mg ambien and if I stay awake it causes the voices to fall asleep and become much less responsive and much less hallucinatory, though it increases the persistent sexual arousal syndrome they cause as they move around but even this is less in all at its peak. If they could develop a sedative hypnotic i could take during the daytime that does not cause visual hallucinations I would take it and it would be seventy five percent effective rather than the dull twenty five percent effectiveness of lithium and other antipsychotics that do not cause (in some cases) even worse symptoms than the schizophrenia bacteria by itself without any chemical compounds at all.


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