Myths and Facts About Antidepressants

Myths and Facts About Antidepressants | Robert Whitaker and Stefan Molyneux

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  1. Matt

    Yep it’s true they don’t work, but what’s worse is they are addictive, mind altering substances which actually cause major damage to the body. Suicide is one of the major events caused by these drugs and is listed as a potential now on all major antidepressants in the US. The only problem is people keep being lied to by big pharma. These drugs are not medical drugs at all, they are akin more to drugs such as LSD, amphetamines, barbiturates etc. All these drugs do is blanket over unwanted emotions etc and when they wear off the person has not been cured. Not only have they not been cured but now they have the side effects of the drug to deal with!

  2. Mys

    The bottom line is that all physical and mental ailments can be cured, I said CURED through nutritional means. It has been proven in the natural health communities for centuries. Before drugs, natural cures worked. Nutritional cures are a reality. The world outside of America uses nutritional cures more and more frequently with time. In America the pharmaceutical companies, who own the media and medicine, have been ruling much of society. With the exception of antibiotics and emergency repairs, modern drug and surgery based medicine is not the solution, it is a fraud perpetrated upon an unwitting public. Psychiatry is a fraud perpetrated upon the public. Any physical and mental disease can be reversed by giving the body the nutrition it needs to heal, rebuild, and then thrive. This is possible and it happens. Books have been published about it. People post their cure stories on the internet and in blogs, on community websites, etc. Don’t take drugs, they harm the body in the long run. Even antibiotics, which save lives, cause imbalance in the intestinal tract that can lead to disease.


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