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Marc Yu – Born Genius

A genius (plural genii or geniuses, adjective ingenious) is an excellent intellect, excellent work or an excellent achievement. More than just originality, creativity, or intelligence, the adjective “genius” is associated with the achieving of unprecedented insight. This is called the spark of genius. The genius (the excellence, a noun) of a piece of work raises a perceiver’s expectation. The use of the adjective “genius” is generalized in some instances. It is particular in other instances. It might be particular to such a discrete field as philosophy, sports, statesmanship, science or the arts.

The noun “genius” is a level of aptitude, capability, or achievement that exceeds the accomplishment of any other person in the same field. We have deduced from the normal distribution of intelligence that the concept is applicable to excellence at the of top 1‰, i.e. three standard deviations or greater, in any peer group. In psychology, the inventor of the first IQ tests, Alfred Binet, described persons in the top 1‰ of those tested as genii (a noun). This usage of the noun “genius” is closely related to the general concept of intelligence.


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