The History of American Functionalist Psychology

The second and final part of a documentary about the history of American Functionalist Psychology, running from about the time the “school” was named “functionalism” by its chief opponent, E. B. Titchener up to the end of World War I. Includes material on Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, James Rowland Angell, James Mark Baldwin, Granville Stanley Hall, John Dewey, William Lowe Bryan, Noble Harter, Edward Lee Thorndike, Robert Sessions Woodworth, Walter Bingham, Walter Dill Scott, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, Harry and Leta Hollingworth, Hugo Munsterberg (Muensterberg), Henry H. Goddard, Lewis M. Terman, Robert Mearns Yerkes, Linus Kline, Willard Small, John Broadus Watson, and others.

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